We believe that ongoing training is a key element to staying up to date with the newest development of the Avaloq Banking Suite. Due to that, our certificates are valid up to a specific release and certified professionals are required to attend Accreditation ("delta") courses to gain accreditation for new releases and thus to keep their certificates valid.

Accreditation process

From 2018 on, only Accreditation courses award education points and from 2020 on, points gained from other courses will no longer be valid for accreditation.

Please find below a summary of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the new recertification / accreditation process:

What is the general rule for keeping a certificate valid?

Certified professionals need to attend the Accreditation courses. We will be releasing two new Accreditation courses every year, covering new releases brought to the market in a specific period. Missing an issue of the Accreditation course series means losing one's accreditation going forward - until that issue has been attended.

Please note that each issue of the Accreditation course series will be offered during roughly two years, initially more and over time less and less frequently.

I have just passed the certification exam, how long is my new certificate valid?

First-time certificates that are issued in 2018 according to the overhauled course structure no longer come with an expiry date. Instead, the certificate indicates on which date and for which releases it was issued. You will have to attend the Accreditation courses for releases published after the ones mentioned on your certificate.

My pre-2018 certificate has expired and I have earned 120 Education points. What happens now?

Your certificate will be renewed as used to be the case in the past. The expiry date for all certificates that are renewed in 2018 and 2019 will be 31.12.2019. After that, you will receive a revised certificate as described above.

My certificate has expired (or will expire soon) and I have less than 120 Education points. What can I do to keep my certificate valid?

You have two options:

  1. You wait until you have 120 Education points, then your certificate will be renewed as described above
  2. If you have already attended all available Accreditation courses, we will on request issue a ‘temporary certificate’ which is valid until roughly 3 months after the planned launch of the next Accreditation course (approx. 6 months).

An example: Your certificate expires on 13.01.2018 and you have attended an the first available Accreditation course before that date. Your new certificate will be valid 01.02.2018 until 01.08.2018. During that time, you need to attend the Accreditation course for the next release to receive another temporary certificate.

If you wish to receive a temporary certificate, please contact us at academy@avaloq.com