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Renewing Certificates


We believe that ongoing training is a key element to staying up to date with the newest development of the Avaloq Banking Suite.
As a consequence, the validity of a Avaloq certificate is limited to two (2) years. With regular course attendance the holders of a certificate keep their knowledge up to date and renew their certificate (recertification).
In order to renew an Avaloq certificate, the certificate holder must earn a certain number of education points:

For the Associate level, 60 education points are required.
From the Professional level upwards, 120 education points are needed.

According to their individual needs, all certificate holders can themselves choose the courses that they would like to attend for renewing their certificate. They can select any of the courses offered by the Avaloq Academy.
As soon as these points have been earned, the certificate owner is entitled to receive a new certificate. It will be issued at the expiry date of the old certificate the earliest.
Education points are awarded only for attendance of Avaloq Academy courses, not for consulting or project work, attendance of knowledge groups, etc.

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