The Avaloq Associate qualification level is geared toward project managers, stream managers, business- and key business users. These participants will use the courses to build up a conceptual understanding of the Avaloq Banking Suite and its functionalities.
No specific knowledge is assumed for course participation; however, having a basic understanding of IT and/or banking would be an advantage.
To receive the Avaloq Associate Certificate, a participant must collect 200 education points. No examinations are required.


The Avaloq Certified Professional qualification level is primarily geared toward future customisation specialists. The prerequisite for course attendance is a broad conceptual understanding of IT-related topics (e.g. database concepts, programming know-how, SQL) and a basic knowledge of banking is recommended.
The course “Fundamentals of Avaloq Customisation (ACP)” imparts an in-depth knowledge of the Avaloq Banking Suite, its functionalities, customisation options and its applications. It is the only course that leads to the Avaloq Certified Professional qualification.
To receive the Avaloq Certified Professional Certificate, a participant must collect 400 education points. Participants receive the Avaloq Certified Professional Certificate after completing the course and passing the examination.


To receive the Avaloq Certified Specialist qualification, a participant must hold the "Professional" certification.
The courses at this level provide expert knowledge in a specific area of competence and enable participants to make an active contribution in terms of vision, innovation and optimisation of the Avaloq Banking Suite.
To receive the Avaloq Certified Specialist certificate, a participant must earn an additional 300 education points after meeting the requirements for the Professional qualification.