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2017-09-22: Front Certification "Upgrade" Courses Available
As per popular demand and announced at the Partner Day 2017, we are introducing our new certification upgrade course as of Q4/2017: Customization: Major in AFP Technologies (ACCP/F-U)


This course is open solely for experienced Avaloq Core Platform Customization Professionals with an up-to-date certification and at least two years of documented project experience.


With the Front Platform (AFP), Avaloq has extended its Core Platform functionality to guarantee an omni-channel experience for the banking industry. This portfolio extension requires a new skillset from customization professionals who work to implement AFP at Avaloq’s customers. With this new course, we aim to establish a well-grounded understanding of the underlying technology stack and architecture, give participants an understanding of the new concepts and teach them to apply the new customization techniques. Besides a technical foundation and AFP architecture overview, topic areas cover Banklets and Orchestration, AMI Web Services, Front Wide Object Model, Responsive Forms and Front Workplace. This new course prepares for the certification exam “Avaloq Certified Customization Professional with Major in Avaloq Front Technologies (ACCP/F)”.


By registering for this course, you get to benefit from a unique opportunity:
  • Finish the course in a single week (instead of the regular 7.5 days): hugely reduced opportunity cost
  • Take the exam on the last course day (no additional fee rather than the usual CHF 700 @ Pearson Vue)
  • Update your knowledge and be among the first to receive one of the new Front certificates (valid for two years)


Two courses are planned in 2017 (and more in 2018) and are ready for registration now.
2017-06-30: Accreditation Courses Published
Starting in September 2017, we will be introducing Accreditation courses for Avaloq Certified Professionals. Participants will gain an overview of the most significant and interesting customization implications of developments delivered during the second half of 2016.

The Accreditation courses count towards recertification (1 course day = 30 education points) and are delivered as Online Live Trainings

Please note that starting from 2018, only Accreditation courses will award education points and that most from 2020 on, points gained from other courses will no longer be valid for accreditation.

2017-06-30: Kick-Offs Replaced by Intro Courses
The INTRO session replaces the Kick-off meetings which, until now, were a part of our Online Live Trainings. Starting in July, we have scheduled several INTRO sessions throughout the year, so that participants can choose a date that works best for them, allowing for maximum flexibility. Attendance is free of charge.

Please note that, as a consequence, we had to make some adjustments to our Terms & Conditions, specifically to the cancellation terms. We suggest reviewing the T&Cs before you register for your next course!

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